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S.T.E.A.M. Machine

Sponsored by:
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What is the S.T.E.A.M. Machine?

Simply put, the STEAM Machine is a mobile educational vehicle that provides academic enrichment to the community.

Why create the STEAM Machine?


Immersive Learning Center felt we had to do more to boost the lack luster academic achievement in our schools. Vallejo in particular,  has been struggling to make any significant gains in the areas of reading, mathematics and the sciences especially for Black and Hispanic students. Being a STEAM focused organization, we felt we could help by going out into the community with engaging STEAM activities and the goal of inspiring and motivating our young learners to pursue STEAM activities and careers.



Incorporating Foundational EDU Skills

Basic Reading and Mathematic skills are foundational educational skills that are taught in every public school. They enable people to communicate ideas and become a functional contributor to society. They are also important components in STEAM. Our STEAM Machine provides opportunities for children to boost both reading and mathematics. Children can read about STEAM topics that interest them like: building bridges, making robots, chemistry experiments, insects, space exploration and much more.


Our kids often work on math without even knowing it. They do so because their activity or project requires it. For example, if children are planning a city with limited resources, they must calculate how much energy they need. We represent energy with cubes, blocks, amps and watts depending on the age group. Children are able to grasp concepts quickly with our hands-on learning programs.

How to get involved with the STEAM Machine?

The STEAM Machine will be stopping in neighborhoods with the greatest needs and you can also invite us to your school or organization. During our grant period with Solano County First 5, we are providing services at no cost to children age 3 - 5.  We have been very busy providing our community with engaging activities that we hope will spark a lifetime of learning. 

For more information click the contact button below and drop us a note.

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