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Additional Resources for Students

Long after the last bell rings, Immersive Learning Center is helping students excel in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. ILC provides students with additional resources they need to become self-driven, self-motivated and a life-long learner.   

Students in need of tutoring as well as those who wish to explore science, technology or engineering will find Immersive Learning Center a place to make new discoveries.

Project Based Learning & Game Based Learning



As a educational non profit organization, ILC supports youth in the VCUSD, private schools, charter schools and home school.  This also includes working with at risk youth who need academic and social support.


With a STEAM focus, we combine project-based learning, social skills and self-discipline in order to unlock the potential for the best case scenario for all all stakeholders.

"Raptor Aviation" 




Yes, they are actually flying robots. Join the Top Flight Drone Club. It is a great opportunity to learn about drones, build and fly them.  As a part of our S.T.E.A.M. program, drones  are elevating skills and knowledge that can lead to a rewarding career.  Drones are changing our world for the better in a variety of ways. Here are a few ways  which drones are changing our lives: 

1. Delivery of medicine, mail and goods

2. Journalism and photography

3.Monitoring the health of farms

4. Assisting First Responders

5. Performing safety inspections

6. Helping insurance adjusters

7. Hurricane and Tornado forecasting

8. Wildlife Conservation.  Drones are even monitoring the health of humpback whales by capturing breath samples from their blowholes.


Drones are also fun to fly. With some practice, our club will be able to enter competitions to compete in categories such as FPV (first person view)  races, stunts, aerial photography, search & rescue, delivery skills test and more. 


Members will earn achievements, boost engineering and team building skills. Raptor Aviation is open to grades 2 - 12.

Join us October 19, 2019 at 3 pm

for an informational meeting and sign-ups.  

Industrial Design Car Sketch 2
Industrial Design Car Sketch
Car Sketch


Monthly $475, Weekly $135, Early Day only $135 (per month)

Drop-in Rates: $15 per hour / 3 or more hours $48

* monthly and weekly plans must be paid at time of registration

Earth from Spaceship

Monday - Friday



1pm to 6 pm

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